What is a Public Adjuster?

Do not confuse the term "Public Adjuster" with "Adjuster". The term
"Adjuster" as used in the insurance industry means a person or firm
hired by the insurance company whose job is to fairly determine the
amount of money due you under the terms of the insurance contract.
There is no fee charged to you for this service.

The "Public Adjuster" is contracted by you to negotiate, on your
behalf, with the insurance company, to determine the amount of
money due you. He does charge YOU a fee for his services. This is
done by a binding contract between you and the public adjuster.
There is no guarantee you will be happy with the outcome. His fee is subtracted from your total claim, not added to it.

His fee is a percentage of your entire claim. This percentage is generally between 10% and 35%. If your claim is $10,000 and your
public adjuster charges 25%, you will receive a net of $7,500. From
this net figure you must pay the contractors, replace your furniture and clothes, all other fees and bills, . Generally speaking all communications between you and your insurance company (or us) must go through your public adjuster. This, quite often can cause delays

Should I use a public adjuster?
You should be very careful when considering to contract with a public adjuster. Call us first so we can discuss it with you We suggest you give the insurance company adjuster a chance. If you are not happy with the result, you can then evaluate whether a Public Adjuster can be of value to you.

If so,you can hire him then. The reverse is generally not true. You also have us to help you.
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