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Rating auto insurance, for example, is quite complex and very difficult for the non-professional to evaluate. To complicate the situation, minor changes to your situation could have a major impact on the premium you pay. We work with this on a daily basis and have sophisticated computer programs to help us keep your premium as low as possible.

We represent several companies. Initially we can choose the lowest premium available to us. Should your situation change we can move your coverage to a different company to reduce your premium.

We can advise you against making certain changes you might think would reduce your premium, but may in actuality increase your premium or not lower your premium as much as you expected. For example you may want to lower your limits to reduce your premium. This could change you to a less desirable situation and actually increase your premium. Another example would be; you wish to remove physical damage from one of your vehicles. In some companies this may have an adverse affect on your desirability and actually increase your premium.

We do our best to keep your insurance cost at the lowest possible level. Any one company will not be able to give everyone the lowest possible rates. The rating for auto insurance is quite complex and uses a multitude of driver, vehicle, family and coverage characteristics.

  • Driver characteristics such as age, sex, marital status, education level, driving experience and driving record.

  • Vehicle characteristics include Its sale price new, safety equipment, anti theft devices, garaging address and use of the vehicle.

  • Family situation characteristics such as Credit scores of the policyholder, ages of non drivers and other cars in the household.

  • coverage characteristics such as limits, deductibles and whether or not physical damage is carried
These characteristics are used by most companies. However each company has their own method of handling the rating criteria. Some companies add to the list. Others might put more emphasis on certain criteria and less on others.

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