• We are local, not just voices on the phone.
  • We are your neighbors and a local business.
  • We hire local people and pay local taxes.
  • We teach Sunday School and coach sports.
  • We travel the same roads and hit the same potholes.
  • We shop at the same super markets and go to the same churches.

  • We are your friends and neighbors.
  • We give you sound advice on Wednesday and look you straight in the eye after church on Sunday.
  • We are only a few minutes drive for most of our policyholders.
  • You can chat personally with your account representative.

  • If you are having a problem settling a claim, just bring in your stuff and spread it out on the conference room table and talk directly to the person who can help you.
  • If you want to pay your payment here, we can accept most payments.
  • Very handy whether it is making a last minute payment, helping you with a claim, giving advice on coverage or just stopping in to say "Hi".

There Is A Difference
That difference is
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