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We work on a commission basis. That means, the insurance company pays us a certain percentage of your premium to run the agency. One could think there is no incentive for us to reduce your premium. That is far from the truth. We have built our business on giving good advice to our policyholders. This includes advice to lower your premiums. Short term, this could reduce our commissions but long term it actually increases them, because people stay with us and recommend us to their friends and neighbors.

Critics say we are a "Middle man" and, some advertisements indicate a savings of 15% by dealing directly with the insurance company. Well, someone must make changes, help you with coverages, help you with a claim. We do all of that, and more. Wouldn't you prefer to deal with a familiar and friendly person instead of a stranger.

We have less levels of management therefore can be more efficient than most insurance companies. If you truly save 15%, it is not because they are paying us a commission.

This "eliminate the Middle Man" concept has been around for decades yet the vast majority of all insurance written is written through local agents. The reason is simple- People prefer to put their trust in people they know.

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