What is the American Agency System?
The American Agency System is the oldest method of distributing insurance products and advice to the local consumer. It is still the largest insurance distribution system even though mass media has, for decades, tried to lure people away with the promise of "low insurance premiums". The American Agency System is larger than all other systems combined.
There is a difference!
There is a difference in where you buy your protection.
Many people don't realize there are three sources for insurance:
  1. Captive Agents, who can sell you the insurance of only one company.
  1. Telephone Representatives, who can offer you the insurance of only one company, and only on the telephone or over the internet . Quite often only one line of insurance, such as auto.
  1. Independent Insurance Agents are members of the American Agency System, represent an average of eight insurance companies, handle multiple lines of insurance, and search these firms to find you the best combination of price, coverage and service.
The Independent Agents, through the American Agency System
have always been selected best by the insurance buying public
How does the System Work
No one company can offer the best premium and best service in all situations.

Insurance policies are not static. You continuingly make changes as your family's situation change. Changing drivers, cars, and coverages can drastically affect your premium and/or your desirability to your insurance company.

Your independent agent is familiar with his companies and their differences. He can suggest alternatives to your
requests. One alternative could be to change companies if your situation warrants it.

This is only one of the reasons American Agency System remains the most solid, viable and proven method of insurance distribution.

The owners and key people are licensed as professionals by your state department of insurance and held to professional standards.

As your independent agent:

There Is A Difference
That difference is US!!
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